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OBX Airplane Tours

Enjoy OBX Biplane Rides or OBX Warbird Rides

OBX Biplane Tours

OBX Warbird Tours

OBX Warbird Tours
OBX Biplane Tours

See the Outer Banks by air...experience the magic, romance and adventure of an open-cockpit biplane ride. The wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and joy in your heart! There’s really nothing quite like the experience of open-cockpit flying over the Outer Banks, the rumble of the large radial engine, spectacular views along the beautiful North Carolina coast, all while enjoying a narrated airplane tour from one of our experienced pilots.

If you’re looking for that extra special OBX air tour of a lifetime, experience the joy of flight in our authentic 1943 WWII North American AT-6, 'Sweet Sophia'! Nothing quite compares to the adventure of flying in this incredible aircraft, soaring the skies over the birthplace of aviation is the thrill of a lifetime. These airplane rides make great gifts for that special someone, or treat yourself to one of the best things to do on the Outer Banks!

Airplane Tour Packages

Discovery Air Tour   -   $118

($59/each with two people)

Approx. 10-12 minutes

This introductory airplane tour takes you out to Jennette's Pier on the oceanfront for a glimpse of the beach before heading back to the Manteo Airport on Roanoke Island.

Please note: Discovery Airplane Tours are offered during summer season, based on availability.


Barnstormer Air Tour   -   $198

($99/each with two people)

Approx. 20 minutes

This airplane ride heads north to the Wright Brothers Monument, Jockey's Ridge and shipwrecks, OR south over Wanchese fishing village to Oregon Inlet and the Bodie Island Lighthouse... either route gives you a nice stretch along the ocean with a good chance of seeing dolphins, sea turtles and schools of fish.


Deluxe Air Tour   -   $298

($149/each with two people)

Approx. 30 minutes

This airplane tour includes both the northern and southern routes, an extended airplane cruise including approx. 16 miles along the oceanfront. This tour offers a better chance to see schools of fish, dolphins, sea turtles, shipwrecks, the Bodie Island Lighthouse, and of course The Wright Brothers’ Monument!

Warbird Tour Packages

Discovery Warbird Tour   -   $249.00

Approx. 15 minutes

This tour departs Manteo airport and heads out to the Atlantic Ocean with the opportunity to see the birthplace of aviation - the Wright Brothers Monument - from your seat in the sky. Aerobatics are not included in this flight.


Beach Tour 1   -   $449

Approx. 30 minutes

Head out to the ocean and enjoy a few maneuvers along the beach if you like! This flight gives you the opportunity to fly the beach looking for sea life, check out the Bodie Island Lighthouse and several piers, and also view the Wright Brothers Monument from the sky. This flight includes aerobatics if you like!


Beach Tour 2   -   $649.00

Approx. 45 minutes

Enjoy even more time along the beach! This extended tour offers you a better chance of seeing sea life and possibly a shipwreck or two and also includes all of the above sights. Enjoy a few aerobatics if you like!


Deluxe Warbird Tour   -   $849.00

Approx. 60 minutes

Why not treat yourself and fly our extended beach tour in this beautiful warbird?! This deluxe airplane tour gives you the longest time to enjoy ‘Sweet Sophia’, cruising along the ocean with even more chances to check out the best of the Outer Banks, heading down south to Rodanthe Pier to check out a couple shipwrecks, then back north up to Pine Island near Corolla. Aerobatics are included if you like!

Click HERE for a sample of Texan aerobatic flight!

For a limited time, we will be offering SUNSET BIPLANE TOURS!  Please call for availability!

Aerobatic Outer Banks Biplane Tours

This extra special tour is offered with the 20 or 30 minute beach tours and must be booked ahead of time. Includes:

2 wingovers and 2 loops ..........$79 in addition to tour charge.

4 wingovers and 4 loops (twice the fun!)......$99 in addition to tour charge.


Custom Outer Banks Airplane Tours....why not treat yourself and fly longer?

Ask about our custom-route airplane rides which give you a little longer time in the air!

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